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Summer in Batroun

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"Charming" is one of the first words that come to mind when you think of the Batroun region. This charm is everywhere: in the pubs and shops in the old souk of Batroun, in the old fishing port; in the region's historical Phoenician heritage; in the old churches in the villages. The mildness of the climate and nature is perceptible as soon as one climbs towards the hills. Welcome to Batroun.

Batroun: A blend of calm and conviviality

To visit Batroun is to enter a welcoming community. Here, everything makes you feel at home, the residents are helpful, and it’s impossible for you to get lost: one will always be there to help you find your way. This aspect concerns other regions of Lebanon. But it is particularly tangible in the district of Batroun. And it may seem paradoxical, but Batroun is also the ideal place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The region invites you to find inner calm.

In Batroun, a beautiful nature between the sea and the mountain

In just a few minutes, you go from a maritime landscape to a mountainous environment. One moment you are on the beach, the next you are driving along a road that takes you to the mountains. Nature adapts to these contrasts: the plants are not the same by the sea and in the mountains. It offers a stimulating variety for all nature lovers.

Entertainment, nightlife, and shopping in Batroun

The town of Batroun is often cited as an entertainment mecca in the region. It also attracts residents of the nearby capital: many Beirutis enjoy spending the evening in Batroun, leaving their sometimes-chaotic daily environment for a few hours. In the evening, young people come to Batroun to chill out, before they go back to the serenity of the surrounding hills. During the day, they like to visit the shops in the old souk.

Batroun: a historical, cultural, and religious heritage

The city of Batroun, in the heart of the district of the same name, was founded by the Phoenicians around 2000 years before our era. The vestiges of their presence are still there and attract many visitors, who come to discover the rampart which protected the city, or several tombs. The region also offers ruins dating from the Crusaders, such as the fort of Mseilha, built in the 12th century. In addition, many old churches - Maronites or Orthodox - welcome visitors to admire their architecture.

Batroun's wines: a remarkable asset

Less known than the Bekaa vineyards, those of Batroun nevertheless produce remarkable wines. They are several enthusiasts, professionals, or amateurs of the world of wine, to have launched their production in the region, taking advantage of its warmth and its bright light. These are often small vineyards, which we visit with happiness. Their wines are truly delicious. Let's go for unforgettable tastings, in remarkable settings!

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