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Jezzine offers visitors an opportunity to explore a pristine region nestled in the heart of Lebanon. The area and its surroundings have witnessed remarkable endeavors to bolster local development and preserve cultural and architectural heritage. Immerse yourself in the bountiful natural beauty of this historic region of Lebanon.

A historical heritage so rich it will leave you in awe

Jezzine's rich history dates back to ancient times, with the region mentioned in Joshua (13:4) and documented in the travels of notable figures such as Al-Idrisi, Luke Henri Lammens, Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope, and Father Godard. Many of the village names have Canaanite and Syriac origins, and the discovery of ancient statues and valuable sarcophagi underscores the region's significance. Serving as a vital route for Sidonian merchants en route to Damascus, Jezzine played a pivotal role as a bridge between the Chouf and the Khan market in Wadi Al-Taym, as well as between Jabal Amel and the Bekaa, a position that occasionally fueled conflicts between these various regions. Today, Jezzine and its surrounding neighborhoods are brimming with sites bearing witness to its rich past, ranging from ancient landmarks like the Source, Souk, and antique press with its wine reservoirs, to more recent structures such as the Kanaan house and the 19th-century municipal palace.

Jezzine Boasts a Wealth of Religious Tourism & Spiritual Experiences

Jezzine is home to a plethora of holy sites, including magnificent churches and monasteries with awe-inspiring architecture. Among these, some serve as places of pilgrimage, such as the site of Saint John the Baptist in the village of Karkha. This cave features a stone receptacle that fills with water on Saint John's Day, June 24th, which is regarded as holy water. Jezzine also boasts Saint Maron's Church, originally built in 1732 and rebuilt after several disasters, including a 1759 earthquake and a fire during the 1845 uprising. Additionally, visitors can explore two tombs and four shrines dedicated to Jewish prophets, established during the migrations of Jews fleeing persecution in Palestine and Egypt, particularly until 587 BC.

Jezzine's Culture: A Vibrant Blend of Architectural Heritage, Traditional Crafts, and Lively Festivals

When one thinks of Jezzine, its world-renowned cutlery immediately comes to mind, tracing its roots back to the 1770s. Since then, the tradition of offering Jezzine cutlery as gifts to international dignitaries, starting with the Sultan of Oman, has continued. The handle of these iconic knives and objects features a flamboyantly colored phoenix, symbolizing Lebanon's enduring spirit.

Beyond cutlery, Jezzine is also a hub for cultural festivals, especially during the summer season. These vibrant events attract both local and international visitors, offering an exceptional experience in a breathtaking setting.

Jezzine is Renowned Throughout Lebanon for its Delectable Cuisine

The Jezzine region is not only attractive to tourists but also to the Lebanese themselves, owing to its reputation for exceptional food. One local dessert, for instance, is so popular that it has been named after a village in the region - Layali Bkassine - due to its unique local touch, which incorporates banana for extra sweetness. Meanwhile, the kebbe is stuffed with labneh, adding a unique twist to a popular Lebanese staple.

At the Karam vineyard, one can also savor a remarkable wine that uses internationally renowned grape varieties such as Syrah, as well as a Lebanese grape variety that is exclusive to the region. And while enjoying a glass of wine, visitors can absorb the breathtaking panorama of mountains and lush greenery, making it an unforgettable experience.

A Breathtaking Natural Environment, Perfect for Both Exploration and Relaxation

The region offers breathtaking roads and trails that can be explored on foot or by bike, revealing exceptional landscapes at every turn. This area treasures its nature, making sure it is respected and preserved. Walking through the largest umbrella pine forest in Lebanon is a must, where one can inhale the fragrant scents of the sap and earth under the warm sun.

The region has several hiking trails suitable for all levels of expertise, catering to amateurs and professionals alike, providing a pleasant walk through the scenic beauty of the area.

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